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Web Applications

Much more than just a website! We have experience building rich experiences for users on multiple platforms. Connect to your users or streamline your business process by getting an interactive web application that works for you. With the ability to connect to a database and design responsive sites we can help connect your business or organization to the your target audience.

Mobile Applications

Unlock the power of mobile devices. With their combination of hardware, connectability and portability mobile devices today can be a valuable tool for businesses today. Coupled with a robust web application API BG2 can be your one stop shop to get a complete solution to connect your website with any mobile applications you need.


Data storage and organization is essential for complex web applications. Create something that is more than just an online brochure for your business or organization and delivers a rich experience to your users with a data driven site. Proper database design, implementation and management will allow you to do more with capabilities ranging from enhanced user interaction to custom reporting.

Product Support

We support what we build! In order to ensure that our software is meeting the needs of your business we can provide ongoing support in case of enhancements, updates, or bugs to keep you stress free. We want to insure that you are happy with your software product and offer support packages at affordable pricing to keep you running your business and not worrying about your website.

Responsive Design

With so many ways to access a website nowadays it can be difficult your users experience remains the same. We build websites and applications with responsive design in mid what is responsive design? It ensures that your users will have the same smooth experience no matter how they view your website, whether it be via phone tablet or desktop.

Content Management

Manage your own content! With our customized solutions we can create a website that you can manage without having to call support every time. In order to keep your content dynamic for your business we will set up your application so that you can add, edit and remove content as required by your business needs, whether that included adding images, products, news or user management.


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  • What

    At bg2 software solutions we build and support websites for all kinds of entities. From small businesses to large orginations, from simple websites to rich data driven web applications we can help your business save time and money and increase client acquisition cheaply and quickly.

  • Where

    We are located in the state of Hawaii on the island of Oahu. We work mostly with local Hawaii businesses including the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center. Our Oahu base allows us to be on your schedule and get things done based on your timetable instead of the mainland.!

  • Who

    We were formed by two software developers who graduated from the University of Hawaii and then reconnected years later. With over 10 years of experience developing and supporting rich software applications for local Hawaii businesses we believe that we can use our expertise to enhance your business or operation.

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